The theme of this first International Conference is Cognitive Behavioral Play Therapy: a psychotherapy approach focused on preschool and early school age children and their parents. It is important to address the emerging psychological distress in young children through psychotherapy. This approach aims to involve children with different problems directly in therapy by integrating cognitive and behavioral interventions in the play therapy paradigm.

Play therapy research to date has largely supported the effectiveness of play therapy in a wide range of social, emotional, behavioral, and learning problems.

This congress aims to broaden and update current knowledge on this psychotherapeutic approach in light of the ever-growing needs for children with psychological issues. Further, broadening the CBPT research base is important  for the clinical and scientific community. 

The Scientific Committee will open a ‘Call for Papers’ which will encourage submissions that target the congress themes. We look forward to welcoming you to this first International Conference of CBPT.




We look forward to meeting you in Rome next June 2024.